Monday, November 12, 2012

Moving on and Moving Forward

I have never really been the kind of person who loves drama, but for some reason my life is full of it. If I had my way, my life would be simple and drama free. Usually though life doesn't turn out the way the you plan. I have been avoiding posting about my life the last couple months because things have been crazy. I know that putting this on here now is going to cause a little bit of drama. Around the end of September I left Travis and moved in with my parents. Things have not been easy for us for a long time and we both needed some space. I realized pretty fast that things were never going to get better between us so I filed for divorce. It was not an easy choice, but it had to happen. I know what most people who are reading this are thinking, yes we were young when I got pregnant with Kaylee, and yes it was not the best choice to get married because of it. But Travis and I both love Kaylee very much. I wanted us all to be a family and live a happy life together. That never happened. But it is what it is and I am ready to move on. I am closing the door to this chapter in my life and I am getting ready to start a new one. Along with that I am no longer going to blog from this page anymore. I want to start clean and fresh with a new one. I no longer want to open my blogger and see this page. This blog won't be taken down for awhile but I have started a new one. The details of the divorce will not be posted here or on face book. Some things just don't need to be talked about and this is one of them. My new blog is set to private. It's not because I don't want people to know about my life, I just don't need a lot of the judgment that is going to come with this in my life right now. Therefore only a few people will be able to read my new blog. Maybe as time goes on I will change that but for right now I am keeping some things private. If you would like to read my new blog you can message me your email on face book and I will add you to my list. :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Cousins....more like best friends...

Growing up everyone has that one favorite cousin. That one cousin that you are closer with than any of the rest. Even though you love the rest of your cousins just as much, it’s that one cousin that you grow closer too. The cousin that you are more like sisters or best friends than cousins. For me that one cousin was Camery Bagley. I love LOVE this girl. She is everything that I always wished I could be. Even though she is two years younger I have always looked up to her so much. She is one of my greatest heroes. When I lived in Utah would have sleepovers all the time. We would walk to the mall by her house and drink orange Julius and sit in the giant bean bags. We have always been so close as long as I remember we have been this close. I have always thought about my babies and who they would be closest too. A cousin from my side or a cousin from my husband’s side. My big sister Jessica had her daughter Ada Mae 3 weeks after Kaylee was born. Her first cousin :) when I think about them and how close they are in age, I always think of Cam and I. I’m so excited that Kaylee has a little cousin to play with. Not just Ada either. My cousin Shawn had his baby, Bailey Sue, was born in January. My aunt Lisa has her daughter Emmy who is one, and Lucy is on the way. My cousin Cattie just had her baby, Thomas a couple days ago. On Travis side she has so many cousins. I don’t really know any of their names but there are so many. I think 16... It’s so cool that she has all these cousins already. I am so excited for her to grow up with them. I love watching her with Mae Mae (Ada), they are so cute together. So when we went and did fathers day pics we got these super adorable one of the girls done.

My two favorite people :)

For father’s day my mom came up with this the idea to take pictures of all the kids to give my dad. So I thought the same thing would be cute for Trav for his first father’s day. I went to with my mom big sister Jess and all my younger siblings to the park and we got some super cute pictures. Well than I decided I wanted to be able to give some to my dad and inlaws as well, obliviously Trav family doesn’t want pictures off just Kaylee and me, so Trav came with me and we got some done of our whole little family :) I just love how sweet they turned out. I can’t wait to get them framed and put them up. I love the single pictures of Kaylee, she is just so cute. I just don’t know how I got such a cute baby!! Seriously, look at her; they just don't come any cuter than this!!!!