Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines day..

Normaly for Valentines day Trav and I go out to eat, but this being our first year married I wanted it to be speacial. Not only did I have Trav as my Valentine, but we also had miss Kaylee. Our sweet little sweetheart. I wanted out first Valentines to be a date for all of us. So Kaylee and I came up with a great idea to make Trav a valentines dinner. I was going to make him cornflake chicken, twiced baked tots, salad and some rolls. Kaylee was going to make him rainbow chip cake. His very favortie. Thoughtfull of her right?? Then we came up with the plan to get little sweetheart candies to represent Kaylee and hugs and kisses for Travis and I. We were going to make a trail of hugs and kisses from the bathroom while he was in the shower, that would lead to the table. There would be a nice candle light dinner, with sweetheart candies all over the table and a note form Kaylee and I to Trav. I had three hours to pick Kaylee up from daycare, make dinner, just have it warming in the oven, get the house decorated, get ready and pick up Travis. I didnt have anytime to waste. As soon as we got home, we mixed Trav his cake and put it in the oven without preheating it, just added ten extra minutes to the timer. I started on the cornfake chicken and right as it was finishing the timer for the cake went off. Perfect timing. But instead of reaching into a nice warm oven and pulling a cooked cake, I reached into a cold oven and pulled out cake batter. The oven had broken. I had no way to finish cooking my valetines day dinner. I was crushed, I had been planning this day for monthes. I sat in front of my broken oven and cried. I took five minutes to compose myself and came up with plan b. When it was time I picked up Trav and brought him home. Everything else (except the candles I never could find them) went as planned the candy trail and decorated table with a note to husband/daddy was waiting for Trav. Instead of chicken and tots we had grilled cheese and chips and salsa. We watched our show together snuggled on the couch and the night turned out alot better that I could have ever hoped for. You just gotta love things that dont go as planned. :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Growing like a weed...

...but cuter!! Kaylee is growing, growing and growing!!
Everday she looks bigger to me. Her face is thinning, she is getting taller. Already outgrowing her 3-6 month pants. She will be 4 months on the 13th. 4 MONTHS!! I finally understand the song "Dont Blink". I did. Its like magic. I feel like I am not doing much to teach her how to learn and grow. But she said "Mama" and "Da-Da". She giggles. She can stand and can sit up on her own for like 4 seconds. She gurgles all the time and thinks she is talking. She got so so big so fast. I miss the new born things about her. When she was first born she had the cutest stork bite on her nose. Its gone now. She grew out of it. I miss her little squeaks and new born cry. I miss her waking up at one in the morning, and just having her all to myself to snuggle. She has changed us in so many ways. So many good ways. She stole our hearts. They are forever hers.