Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sweet Child of Mine

Have I mentioned how much I just LOVE being a mom?? I do. Its so amazing. Having someone that depends on you for every little thing. She has grown so much since she has been born. (She is 7 weeks old now) I cant believe how big she is. I feel like I had her just the other day. She is such a little daddies girl. He can get her to smile just by looking at her. I have to fight smiles out of her. If I am burping her and she can hear his voice she wont burp. She will cry and cry and cry with me if she knows he is there and as soon as he picks her up she is all smiles and loves. But man do I ever love her. For my baby shower my AMAZING Aunt Becky got me a gift certificate to INO8 photography, for and hour photo session and 20 free photos. I just got them back and absolutely love them.

Real Collage Kids

Travis was accepted into ISU for this Spring semester. And I am SO proud of him. He is so excited to start school. Right now he is taking his generals, and then he will be going to school to be a lawyer. Travis is amazing at law. We had government together senior year and he loved every second of it. He would dominate during our class debates. Every since then he has wanted to be a lawyer.  We knew that if we don't start college right away we never will. So Travis was accepted to ISU. YAY!! We are now moving to Pocatello this weekend. We found a cute little apartment right on campus. Also we both got jobs at the Taco Bell that is right across the street from our house. I will work days while Travis is in school and he will work nights. I love it because we will never have to go through gas (which by the way is 40 cents cheaper in Pokey) except when we are grocery shopping or coming back home to visit family. This is going to be such a fun adventure for our little family. Travis is kinda nervous because this is his first real move. He has never lived outside of Rexburg. I however have moved thousands of times and cant wait!! Travis went down to register for classes on Monday and he already has made a couple friends. Of course we will miss this town and miss our families living so close to us and our FREE babysitters ;) but since we our car will pretty much just sit in the parking lot we will be able to come up a couple times a month!!

Kaylee Grace

On Oct 12th I started having contractions about ten that morning after my doctor appointment. Never having a baby before I was waiting for some kind of sign that this was really it and not false labor. The rest of the day I just waited and waited and slowly my contractions were getting worse. That night about nine we decided that we might as well just go check. We got checked in and a nurse came down and got me. She checked me and I was dilated to a three. However my blood pressure was high so she called my doctor and he said to keep me. We went to our room and they continued to come check me every 45 mins. about midnight a nurse came in and I got my drugs. After that it was a loooonng night. I was way to excited to sleep, I kept thinking to myself I was finally going to meet my baby. The next morning at 9 my doctor came in and I was STILL dilated to a three. So he broke my water. Not even and hour passed and I was fully dilated and starting hard labor. My nurse let me start pushing. At 12 Oct 13 Kaylee Grace came into this world.

Our Story

Travis and I met our freshman year of high school when I moved to Sugar City. We had two classes together and became friends. I fell in love with him right away. He asked me out on our first date the summer before junior year. I of course was so excited I could hardly stand it. I spent the entire day getting ready with my friend Kourtney. She was more than willing to tell me how to act, what to do and what not to do. After the date I thought for sure that was it, he had to like me back. But.... he didn't ask me back out. We were still friends and talked all the time. Around the time of the homecoming dance my friend asked if there was any one specific that I wanted to ask me, I said Travis. She told him and he did!! AND he started to like me during the dance. After that we went on a couple dates and pretty soon we were inseparable. He is my best friend, my whole world. Then when we were senior's I found out I was pregnant with our baby. It was a hard thing, trying to decide if we were going to keep her and when and if were going to get married. Our very first decision was not to tell anyone. Not even our parents. We didn't want the drama at school. Not talking about it with other people made it hard to talk about it with each other. There became a space between us and we struggled. Luckily for me it was third try so I was not really showing during school. After graduation Travis and I sorta ran away for a day. We needed to talk everything through. We both knew we loved the baby and wanted to keep her/him. That night we got our parents together and told them (my mom had already figured it since I was already 19 weeks along) we were pregnant and wanted to getting married. AND WE DID!! July 30th. Im so lucky I got to marry my best friend!!